You Will Want To Get Caught With Your Hand In This Cookie Jar

Okay, you all know by know that I have a tremendous sweet tooth and have had a long love affair with chocolate.  Well, my friends at The Gluten Free Cookie Jar Baking Company must have known this as well when two fabulous samples of their decadent brownies arrived at my door. 

I know, you are probably thinking gluten-free brownies are a dime a dozen and even Betty Crocker offers them now.  Well, those other brownies are all well and good, don’t get me wrong but the brownies from Gluten Free Cookie Jar Baking Company were truly something special.  First of all, they are gluten- dairy-  and nut-free.  There are no preservatives or trans fats AND more importantly you can recognize all of the ingredients on the label…nice!

I was lucky enough to try the chocolate chip and mint chocolate chip varieties.  First up the chocolate chip.  The first thing you notice is that the portion sizes are just perfect.  The brownies themselves are super moist but still firm enough to make you feel like you are really indulging in something fabulous and naughty – think rich fudge.  The chocolate brownies were perfectly sweetened and not at all too sweet which is saying something given the fact that each brownie was chock-full of decadent chocolate chips.  I kept these in the refrigerator which made them the perfect cool treat on the hot summer days we have been having.

The mint chocolate chip was very unexpected.  I was never a fan of mint chocolate chip ice cream so was not sure what to expect with these.  Thankfully my friends at Gluten Free Cookie Jar Baking Company are flavor alchemists and managed to make a truly decadent yet at the same time refreshing treat.  The spiciness of the peppermint oil was just perfect.  It was not overpowering in the slightest and made a believer out of me.

The Gluten Free Cookie Jar Baking Company is located in Florida but fear not if you are not local – they ship!  With the exception of their cupcakes, you can head on over to their Web site and order a delicious sampling of their truly amazing baked goods.

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