My friends at Wholesome Chow sent me samples of two very exciting products from their gluten-free line of products that I was actually tickled to try. You see one of the products I received was a most-intriguing Chocolate Lavender Cake and I am a HUGE fan of all things lavender. The other product was their All-Purpose and Pancake Mix. Now, aside from being gluten-free these items were also wheat-, dairy-, casein-, and nut-free. They are also comprised exclusively of all natural and organic ingredients.

Of course the first product I tried was the Chocolate Lavender Cake Mix which, was, in a word AMAZING. I have to say that this is one of the most unique and best tasting gluten-free items I have come across in all my travels. First of all, the mix itself is fool-proof. Those of you that read me regularly know that I am the first person to say that I am completely challenged in the baking department — it is just not my thing though I do follow instructions well so am always on the hunt for easy peasy mixes that even I can make without issue. Wholesome Chow’s products surpass the foolproof test and, more importantly deliver on taste.

The Chocolate Lavender Cake Mix requires absolutely no baking skills whatsoever and absolutely no fuss in the preparation department. I split the batter into two baking pans and each made a very decent-sized cake. The first thing you notice with this mix is the wonderfully fragrant lavender aroma. It is absolutely heavenly. I was actually a tingle with anticipation waiting for this one to come out of the oven. The cakes rose absolutely perfectly and I could barely contain myself while they cooled — okay I did sneak a piece. Let me be the first to tell you that I rarely gush over a product but open the flood gates — Wholesome Chow has hit the gluten-free ball out of the park.

At first bite you are instantly transported to another place. As the fork nears your mouth you begin to detect the subtle aroma of lavender and in an instant I was transported to my old college days in Provence. I know it sounds hokey, but it is the absolute truth — it was a case of a scent of taste instantly transporting you to another place. The delicate lavender notes were perfectly paired with a rich, dark, chocolate base. Few products I have come across get the flavor balance absolutely perfect but Wholesome Chow has managed to perfectly balance, what in my opinion are difficult flavors to get perfect. The cake itself is ├╝ber-moist to the point of always tasting like it just came out of the oven even a few days after baking — just store at room temperature as I did and you’ll be good for a few days — if you can restrain yourself. This mix is not to be missed because it takes gluten-free mixes to a whole different and delicious level.

Next up was their All-Purpose and Pancake Mix. Now, I am not a breakfast person during the week because quite frankly who has time? But, on the weekends, I do enjoy a proper sit-down breakfast. Wholesome Chow’s mix is, again, a standout. It’s ultra-fine texture mixes so incredibly well and smooth with just a simple fork. I used a small frying pan with just a bit of butter and the pancakes cooked up absolutely perfectly. I recommend cooking them over medium-low heat to prevent the butter from becoming overly dark and bitter. I have learned that patience is indeed a virtue when it come to pancakes and low and slow seems to produce the best end result.

Be sure to check out Wholesome Chow’s Web site for their complete range of products and more information on their delicious products and to order online. If simplicity and unique flavor combinations pique your interest then you will definitely want to check out Wholesome Chow.

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