Not only do I love it when new, smaller gluten-free companies reach out to me, but when they are local makes it even better.  Wheat Don’t Need You, a cookies company out of Long Island, New York fits the bill perfectly and is making the gluten-free landscape all the sweeter with its Triple Threat cookies.

First, take all your pre-conceived notions of what a cookie should be and toss them aside.  These are decadent cookie bars the likes of which I have not come across since  before my diagnosis going on ten years now.  These are sweet little bars chock-full of chocolate, caramel, and pecans – I mean how can you go wrong?  At first bite you know you are in for something special as you notice the contradiction between soft and slight crispiness coupled with the perfect amount of sweetness rounded off with just a hint of saltiness.  These small bites pack a big flavor punch that even non-Celiacs will fall in love with.  The certified gluten-free oats mixed in with the traditional gluten-free flour mix adds a wonderful texture to the bars that is unlike anything I have come across recently.

The cookie’s creator is a diagnosed Celiac that, like many of us, missed a familiar favorite and decided to take matters, quite literally into her own hands – and boy, I am I glad she did.  If you are on Long Island you can pick up the cookies at several locations or, if you are not local, just order directly from their Web site and have them shipped directly to your front door.

I am so glad to have finally found a cookie bar that tastes like something I remembered from my pre-diagnosis days – not to mention it comes ready to eat.  Head on over to their Web site and check these out for yourself and you will not be disappointed.

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