I love food. There, I said it. As much as I would love to take a long lunch hour and have a proper meal it is just not going to happen. Alas, my lunch is most often spent in my office with the door partially closed, noshing away on something I ordered from Seamless Web. For those of you unfamiliar with Seamless Web it is an online ordering service that allows you to peruse and order from restaurants in your area that deliver to your location. It is my best friend come lunchtime and if it is in you city it is worth checking out.

However, today I am being relatively good and brought my lunch from home (a rarity). Since I had my little soiree last night I made a trip to my favorite little gourmet market that is always full of wonderful European specialties. Yesterday I snagged real Fanta (not the bright orange U.S. version) along with some delectable house made chicken salad. Well, I spent the time prepping for my guest’s arrival noshing on all of the snacks I put out so my chicken salad languished in the refrigerator. This morning I noticed it looking back at me from the shelve.

So I packed the chicken salad along with a few corn tortillas and some cheese into a little bag and it is now sitting in my office refrigerator until lunch. If you have not tried corn tortillas as a bread replacement please do. You just need to warm them in the over (wrapped in foil) or pop them into the microwave wrapped in a slightly dampened paper towel. This will make them wonderfully warm and pliable — much easier to work with.

This afternoon I will make little soft tacos, if you will, filled with chicken salad and a bit of cheese. So looking forward to it.

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