In a word.  Burnt.  Actually – two words, very burnt.  When a dear friend and colleague presented me with a box just because I mentioned wanting to try it and not being able to find it in any local stores – I was touched.  It was very sweet and most appreciated.  I actually had no idea what the going price for oat matzo was and honestly had I seen the price myself, I likely would have kept on walking.

I was really excited to give it a try.  I have a weakness for matzo and every visit to the supermarket during this Passover yielded literal walls of matzo of every size, shape, and variety, alas not an oat matzo to be found.  So, needless to say, I was over the moon when my colleague surprised me with my very own box that they managed to pick-up in New Jersey.

The matzos are from Shemura Oat Matzos and were their hand made variety.  I would later find out they do make a machine made variety as well.  Of the three boards two out of the three were extremely burnt and one was slightly better than the others.  We are not talking just a bit of char but honest to goodness blackened matzo that had a terrible aftertaste that was unavoidable no matter what you put on it.

I have no problem paying a premium for quality gluten-free products but, despite the fact that I did not shell out the cash for these, I still feel taken for a ride.  I also feel terrible that a friend tried to do a truly thoughtful and rather generous act only to have it soured by the fact that the matzo really was inedible.  So, to my dear friend who purchased them, a heartfelt thank you – your thoughtfulness and friendship is worth far more to be than a box of matzo.  To the company that produces these, you should be ashamed of yourself – charging a premium price for an inferior product.

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  1. Anne says:


    Thanks for the review. Now, I know to stay far away. It is frustrating to walk down the aisles now and see all the yummy Passover stuff, and now be able to have any. I especially miss matzo ball soup. I did try one gf matzo ball mix last year, but it was truly disappointing and now I can’t remember the brand. Next we need a gf knish recipe!

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