12 January 2011


 January 12, 2011

Thanks to the recent MSNBC.com Travel article I have had the opportunity to hear from a great number of new friends with either Celiac or other dietary restrictions.  Hey, I even “met” a fellow Celiac with the same shellfish allergy as me – small world indeed.  I welcome any opportunity to help raise awareness of Celiac disease and as my personal mantra is Living Well, Gluten-Free, No Apologies – I don’t let Celiac limit where life takes me.  Anyway, I realize that many of you are likely first timers here on my site so I wanted to take a moment to say “hello” and thanks for stopping by.  I also hope that you’ll become a regular reader as I am constantly on the go and adding new content to the site.

Here’s a quick lay of the land…

On the homepage you will always find a product and restaurant featured.  The do change frequently but I like to call attention to new products or places that I come across.

You can learn more about what makes me tick and my personal journey in the About Me section.  As you’ll see I am a Research Director by day and, well, as I like to put it a gluten-free superhero by night – which basically translates to I am a bit of a lush.

As you move your mouse to the right you’ll run across (literally) the Product Review section neatly broken down by the major food groups Desserts, Entrées, Munchies, and Sides.  Each section is updated frequently – as fast as I can stuff the gluten-free goodies in my gob – so please check back often.

Moving further along you will notice the Dining Out section that has Gluten-friendly and everyday restaurants along with my Quintessentially New York Gluten-Free feature – let’s just call it QNYGF – where I eat gluten-free in some of the most iconic restaurants throughout the City.  Moving along is the Recipe section featuring some of my favorites from my kitchen and those of some great gluten-free friends around the globe.  And yes, even my Mom makes an appearance from time to time – she’s one heck of a good cook by the way and pretty darn cool – we have dodged shady alleys in Mong Kok and navigated the souks of Dubai together – to name just a couple of our adventures.

Continuing our little trip we cross into the Resources & Links section featuring everything from relevant organizations to some other very cool Celiac-related blogs.  Which is the perfect segue into my very own blog full of everything gluten-free from what and where I am eating to my travels.  It too gets updated pretty regularly.

As the proverbial train pulls into the station is the Contact section and please don’t be shy.  I love mail and feedback.  So that’s me in a nutshell.  Welcome and I hope to see much more of you.

One response on “Welcome Aboard.

  1. glenda says:

    A big Hey from South Carolina….
    Just read about you in Beth Hillson’s GlutenFree.com. I got excited reading that you have celiac in addition to shellfish allergy–same with me! Now, getting excited about another human being having the same diet restrictions is unfair but I bet you can understand.

    My shellfish allergy is severe but I did find that it’s just crustaceans, not the mollusk family, so scallops, oysters and mussels are my friends. I never get beyond BoneFish Grill’s great apps because of the mussels and scallops choice.

    Great ‘meeting’ another celiac plus shellfish allergy person. I will be keeping up with your blog.

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