10 April 2018


 April 10, 2018
Wegmans gluten-free baking mixes cake brownies cornbread

Continuing with my Everyday Luxuries series, I wanted to include some baking mixes that while not only delicious, provide a simple way to get great baking results. I first experienced Wegmans many years ago during a business trip early-on in my celiac diagnosis days. While they had a selection of gluten-free items it was nothing compared to what they now offer. Unfortunately, there are no locations near me but there is one where my mother lives — so I always make a point to pop-in when I am visiting. There is a huge gluten-free section complete with dedicated freezers all filled with pretty much any and every gluten-free manufacturer out there. During a previous visit, I picked-up a couple of mixes and liked them so much I picked-up a couple more recently. The mixes are super-easy to prepare and yield amazing results — even for the most challenged baker (read me).

I sampled Wegmans Chocolate Cake, Double Chocolate Brownie, Honey Cornbread and Vanilla Cake mixes. The chocolate cake was light and moist and worked-well as a large cake or made into four small personal cakes. It was not overly sweet (nor were any of the mixes) as is sometimes the case with many mixes. The vanilla cake mix was equally as light and moist as the chocolate cake and had a rich vanilla flavor to it. The double chocolate brownie was a real winner — perfectly crisp on the top and edges and chewy on the inside.

Perhaps my favorite of the group was the honey cornbread. This was absolutely amazing and has fast become a staple in my pantry. It has the perfect consistency and balance of sweet to savory thanks to a hint of honey. I like to make it in a loaf pan which yields a very nice sized loaf. I love having this with barbecue ribs or a slow cooked pork tenderloin as it makes the perfect accompaniment.



You can view their complete line of branded gluten-free products on their website where you can also find a store near you or even order online with Instacart, if available in your area.

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