28 April 2012


 April 28, 2012

My friends at Warren’s Foods sent a sampling of their complete relish and salsa products including Webber’s Original Relish and Louie’s Original Salsa recently to sample.  Now I am a huge condiment person but quite frankly there are so many out there that I typically grab whatever piques my interests when I am at the shelf in the market.  This usually results in a pretty boring experiences as, well, most salsas and relishes are pretty much all alike.  Well, I am happy to report that Warren’s products helped to break the proverbial condiment mold by providing great (and unique) tasting relish and salsa.  Not to mention that they are all natural and use no chemical preservatives – nice!

First up is their Louie’s Original Salsa in both mild and hot varieties.  The mild had a wonderfully fresh tomato taste that has very subtle spicy undertones – but perfect for those who like their spice-level mild.  You really notice how crisp the onion and peppers still remain even after being salsafied.  Noted of spicy garlic and a very subtle hint of curry really help to take this salsa to the next level.  The Hot variety is indeed hot – so if spicy is not your thing I would recommend sticking to mild.  The hot salsa is a similar base to the mild variety with the addition of hot cherry peppers and hot cherry pepper juice.  This gives the salsa a really unique hot kick that other salsa typically use jalapeño peppers for.  Interesting enough you will not find any jalapeños in these salsas (they save those for their relishes).  The heat factor while hot is actually perfectly hot – the kind of spicy that flirts with your palate rather than attacking it.  You can still enjoy the full, robust flavors that the salsa delivers.

Their Webber’s Original relishes were incredibly delicious.  These are more old time type relishes that had me waxing nostalgic for barbecue memories from my childhood.  These are definitely not those emerald green relishes you might be thinking of.  These are rich and dark more grown-up type relishes.  They are a great mix of peppers, onions, with a hint of sugar, and cider vinegar.  The mild variety is their traditional relish and as you move up the heat levels to medium and ultimately hot they add the addition of jalapeños to the mix.  The medium is spicy with a good kick but still compliments whatever you put it on.  The hot variety is very spicy but still paired well with whatever I threw it on.

Both the salsas and relishes are extremely versatile.  I used then on everything from nachos (salsa) to burgers, baked potatoes, grilled cheese – and the list goes on.  So if you are looking for condiments to help spice up your lunches and dinners do give these a try.  You can check out their Web site for more information and to order right online.

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