Last July I reviewed a sampling of products from the Butterfly Bakery in Clifton, New Jersey. They have recently made headlines for allegedly mislabeling the sugar and fat content on three product in their portfolio and have ceased operations for the time being.

As a result, I have noted this new information on the original review and I am withdrawing my recommendation of their products.  If they were allegedly mislabeling items, whether intentional or not, I cannot recommend a product I do not have confidence in.  While the FDA investigation appears to focus on their sugar and fat content it does make you wonder how rigorous they were in dealing with their gluten-free line.  I personally did not experience any problems when I tried some of their gluten-free products but would I trust them again, likely not.

It is truly a shame when something like this happens because I am all about supporting smaller, home-grown, local businesses that offer gluten-free items.

3 responses on “Update on Butterfly Bakery Review

  1. tina says:

    Do you think the butterfly bakery sugarfree muffins will come back again. I had no problems with them

  2. tina says:

    I liked butterfly bakery double chocolatechip muffins. Any updates on them reopening

    • I believe that they are still closed. Due to all of the bad press the received after mislabeling their products I would be surprised to see them launch under the same name again.

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