Some of my gluten-free friends on Facebook had asked what I like to put in my gluten-free contingency pack that I take along when traveling.  So, I thought I would give everyone a look inside the pack I will be taking along on my trip to Switzerland in two days.

For this trip I requested a gluten-free meal for the crossing and I am actually very eager to see how Continental handles a BusinessFirst gluten-free meal presentation.  I have had some wonderful gluten-free meals aloft on a variety of international airlines but never on an American carrier international.  At first I was hesitant when requesting gluten-free meals in my early Celiac days when flying in premium cabins, thinking I would somehow be robbed of the full experience, but I have to say that most airlines have really impressed me while others have, well,  kept me full but were rather uninspired. 

I always like to have a carry-on gluten-free pack and also pack some snacks and nibbles in my checked bags to eat at my destination.  For the carry-on, I am taking a couple of Zone bars (read the label as they are not all suitable for Celiacs), Glutino Gluten Free Organic Bars (chocolate banana and chocolate peanut flavors); Ener-G foods sesame pretzel rings and plain twists (small, individual bags ideal for packing), Bakery on Main Nutty Cranberry Maple Granola (smallish bag), and Bhuja Original Mix (a new savory Indian snack mix I came across recently).  Now, I am just taking a couple of each for my carry-on and the remainder goes into the checked bags.  I have also been known to throw in some cookies or biscotti for some added sweet, nuts, rice crackers, or chocolate.  Just depends on how much time I have to plan and what my mood is the morning of packing.  You can make great packs from what you already have in your kitchen.

I am really looking forward to sharing my travels with all of you as this is my first longish trip since assuming my gluten free moniker a few months ago.  It will be fun to blog and Twitter real-time throughout my journey.

And in case the title of this post didn’t ring a bell, I would like to present the smooth stylings of the Fifth Dimension…

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