20 September 2013


 September 20, 2013

Twofold Granola

Still working my way through all my Food Fête finds, yes there was that many great new gluten-free products there, I am finally up to Twofold Quinoa Granola – a small start-up company.  Now, I love granola and while there are a few gluten-free varieties on the market that are like the real-deal I was used to prior to my Celiac diagnosis – most are really just more like cereals masquerading as granola.

When I spied the Twofold table I didn’t hold out too much hope that this granola would be any different from what I was already used to.  As I was walking by it just so happened that one of the company’s founders, Jennifer,  approached me and introduced herself and started to walk me through their products.  She was so engaging and proud of her product that it was refreshing.  I saw a bag of their Quinoa Granola on the table for sampling and had to give it a try.  I was instantly intrigued because I had never seen a quinoa granola before.  At first taste you immediately notice the wonderful crunch from the quinoa flakes which gives a delicious nutty flavor to the mix.  The rich vanilla notes that are perfectly complemented by the earthy tones of the nuts (cashews, pecans, and walnuts) and rounded out by the subtle sweetness of maple syrup which is elevated by a spicy cinnamon kick that is balanced by a hint of sea salt.

Twofold was started by two former corporate road warriors who had difficulty finding portable snacks that were unrefined and natural  – so they decided to make their own.  Their products are non-GMO verified and certified Vegan.  You’ll also notice that you can recognize all the ingredients on the product labels so there are no surprises.

They make several varieties of granola along with glazed almonds and a savory nut mix.  You can lean more about Twofold on their Web site where you can also order online or see if they products are carried in a store near you.

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