I always love it when I come across new gluten free items to sample – particularly when it is one of my favorite guilty pleasures, cookie dough ice cream.  I was looking in the freezer section for some dessert options and could not believe my eyes, when I saw the most wonderful words in perfect sequence: Cookie Dough Ice Cream, Gluten Free.  Was I dreaming or had the GF stars aligned and decided to smile upon GF Mike?  Alas, the stars had indeed aligned with this offering from Turtle Mountain.

Now this dessert is not only gluten free but vegan, dairy- and lactose-free, and has less fat than its traditional counterpart.  Initially when I had my first spoonful I was somewhat surprised because I was expecting ice cream and this is a frozen dessert sans dairy.  However, once I adjusted it really was actually very good.  It had a good texture, though not as creamy as ice cream and was not overly sweet.  Yet, perhaps the moment of pure nirvana took place when a small bit of cookie dough made its way onto my palate.  Now we’re talking!  It actually tasted like cookie dough…real honest to goodness cookie dough dotted with bits of chocolate making for a one-way flashback to my non-Celiac days.

So this might not be for everyone but it got my cookie dough on and made for a nice treat from my normal vanilla (a personal preference and not at all GF-related – just an ice cream purist).

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