23 October 2017


 October 23, 2017
Torie & Howard Organic Gluten-Free Candies

Luxurious. Sophisticated. Complex. Real. Four words that you would not necessarily expect to be associated with a candy brand but perfectly describe Torie & Howard’s organic and all-natural candies.

My distinct sweet tooth is fast becoming well-known and I always love it when new companies reach-out to share their stories and products — particularly when I would have likely not come across them on my own. Torie & Howard is the perfect example. When they reached-out I had no idea what to expect other than that they manufactured gluten-free and organic hard and soft candies from what I had quickly seen on their website.

Fast forward to when a package filled with a selection of their candies arrived when it became apparent that this was no ordinary candy. First-off, the product packaging is absolutely stunning and a nod to another time when companies took care in how they presented their products to consumers. It is carefully thought out and quite frankly among the most beautiful packaging I have come across in a long while. As you know, my focus is more on the luxurious-side of gluten-free living and Torie & Howard are most definitely the luxury-side of the candy spectrum — and not just for their packaging.

Okay, I will stop gushing over the exterior and move on to how they actually taste because packaging alone is all for naught if what is inside does not match-up and deliver on the visual promise. Let’s start with the line of Chewie Fruities. I wasn’t sure what to expect with these but the flavors — blood orange & honey, meyer lemon & raspberry and pomegranate & nectarine — but they sure did get my attention.

Some of my favorite fruit flavors were included in there, namely blood orange and nectarine, so it would be interesting to see how their were paired and what the end result would be. Well, these certainly did not disappoint and the flavor profiles were truly outstanding. These are similar to Starburst in concept only because a direct comparison would be insulting to Torie & Howard because their flavors are rich, dynamic and most importantly REAL.

The chewies are soft and have a nice delicate texture to them but the actual taste is a burst of fruit flavors that are instantly recognizable and actually linger on your palate even after you have finished the chew. While all of the flavors are delicious, my personal favorites were the blood orange & honey and pomegranate & nectarine. These were such unique pairings and really showed the thought that Torie & Howard put behind their construction of flavor combinations since they all worked so well together.

The hard candies were a welcome surprise since I have found that these have been a type of candy that has become increasingly more difficult to find here in the United States and when you do it is really just a sea of sameness with little innovation. Enter Torie & Howard. They have taken what is a classic confection and given it new life making it once again relevant through their unique flavor combinations. The hard candies come in the same flavors as the Chewie Fruities with the addition of D’Anjou pear & cinnamon and pink grapefruit and Tupelo honey.

These come in metal tins or the most adorable little suitcase with velcro closure that would make for the perfect host or hostess gift. Again, the fruit flavors really pop in these hard candies and the D’Anjou pear & cinnamon was a personal favorite. These reminded me of a French pastillines brand that I used to enjoy as a child but those always came in predictable flavors so it’s nice that Torie & Howard have taken them to the next-level and given a classic candy a more modern flavor update.



All of Torie & Howard’s products contain no artificial dyes, nuts, GMOs, corn syrup, gluten, wheat, casein, soy or dairy. They are also all USDA certified organic. You can learn more about Torie & Howard’s story on their website (yes, they are real people) where you can also view the entire product portfolio, find a location that carries their products online, or order directly to have their luxurious confections shipped directly to your door. Trust me, treat yourself to some of their sweet treats — you will not be disappointed.

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  1. Kendall Egan says:

    Thanks so much for the lovely comments about the packaging! Yes, the candy tastes amazing and we have been the creative design team behind Torie & Howard since the beginning. Silver Creative Group knows celiac & GF pretty well, I myself am a 20+ year celiac. Thanks again for the kind words!

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