My friends at Top Shelf Ultra Premium Cocktail Mixers sent me a sampling of three of their mixers.  Now, those of you that follow me regularly know that I do love my cocktails and you’ll often find me at local New York City watering holes imbibing in various cocktails from time to time.  Yet, when I am at home I tend not to be too adventurous in the cocktail department because quite frankly who has the time at the end of a long day to mix up a complex cocktail.  Well, thanks to Top Shelf I can now easily make great tasting cocktails in a snap.  I sampled Top Shelf’s Pomegranate Martini, Lemon Drop, and Margarita mixers.

The first thing that you will notice about these mixers is the ingredients – or rather lack thereof.  Just a few simple ingredients make these mixers a standout out way above the competition.  All of the mixers contain purified water and real cane sugar – no artificial flavors or colors in these.

The Pomegranate Martini just needs one part premium vodka (I prefer Tito’s vodka) and two parts mixer gently shaken and served up or over ice.  I made it over ice and it did not disappoint.  The tartness of the pomegranate is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the cane sugar and rounded out with a citrus kick of lemon.

The Lemon Drop mixes with the same two to one ratio as the Pomegranate Martini – easy peasy.  This one mixes up a tart lemony cocktail that again is perfectly balanced and neither too sweet or acidic.  I also tried this one with a splash of seltzer over ice and it made for a fizzy treat.  I just added a bit more of the mixer so as not to dilute it too much with the seltzer.

The final mixer was the Margarita mix.  Now I like a margarita from time to time but I am not a huge tequila drinker.  I made the traditional recipe – this one calls for one part premium tequila to three parts mix.  You’ll immediately notice the familiar lime kick that is actually rounded out by a very subtle hint or orange – nice touch.  Being a vodka aficionado, I also tried this with vodka and not surprisingly it made for a great vodka margarita.

I have to say that Top Shelf mixers are extremely versatile and provide a fantastic base with which to satisfy your inner mixologist.  I also love the fact that they are ultra premium in the ingredient department because quite frankly most of the mixers I have come across in the market or liquor store are so overpowering – not to mention full of artificial ingredients that ruin a good spirit.  Each bottle of Top Shelf mixers comes in a great frosted glass bottle that you’ll be happy keeping out on your home bar when entertaining (though be sure to refrigerate after opening).  Perhaps the best thing about these mixers is their price.  At $6.99/bottle with free shipping, I mean how can you go wrong?  One bottle costs less than half of a single cocktail at one of my favorite watering holes here in New York City.

Check out Top Shelf’s Web site to learn more about their line of seven ultra premium mixes and to order online and have them shipped right to your door (they pack them extremely well by the way).

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