Well tomorrow is the kick-off to my QNYGF series and I am really very excited about this new section and hope that my readers will enjoy it.  While the first location is a secret, I can say that it is indeed quintessentially New York without a doubt.  Now, we all know I am pretty much a lush and do enjoy the finer things in life so any excuse to dine out is always welcome.  Ah, the lengths I will go through for my readers.

On a more serious note this new series is not just about eating fabulous food and indulging in fine wines and spirits.  It is meant to educate and demonstrate that, as a Celiac, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to dining out.  This exercise will help you to ask the right questions and make the right choices to ensure that no gluten makes it way into your meal and consequently your digestive system.  We only get one spin around the proverbial cosmic roulette wheel so I am placing all my money on fabulous!

Each locale that is chosen for the QNYGF series will be evaluated on set criteria to show how accommodating each place was on everything from menu options to wait staff handling of food allergies. Remember, I am not just a Celiac, I am also deathly allergic to any and all shellfish so without being a pain in the you know what, I am interested to see how each locale handles it.

Finally, I will always be dining with a non-Celiac to help add an additional dimension to the reviews.  I do hope you will join me regularly and find the information useful in your living a fabulous gluten free life!

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