1 May 2016


 May 1, 2016

I am always on the hunt for luxurious new gluten-free products and what is more indulgent than chocolate?  When tinyB Chocolates reached-out to me I had not heard of the company or their signature product – brigadeiros.  I was definitely intrigued and came to find that brigadeiros are a favorite chocolate treat from Brazil.  Think rich chocolate truffle-like balls that are covered with decadent toppings like cocoa, chocolate, and nuts.  tinyB are handmade by master chocolatier Renata who has been making chocolate since she was 12 years old – and it clearly shows in the quality of these chocolates.

I sampled tinyB’s signature box of 15 brigadeiros containing: coconut and cream, dark chocolate, dark chocolate and almond, dark chocolate and pistachio, milk chocolate, and Brazilian coffee with chocolate.  The first thing that catches your eye – before you even open the box – is that they arrive beautifully packaged.  A lovely Tiffany blue box wrapped with, of course, a rich chocolate-colored bow would make a most welcome gift for the most discerning recipient.

The individual brigadeiros are a very nice size and you immediately notice wonderfully rich notes of fragrant cocoa that delight your olfactory sense.  I first tried the dark chocolate that was covered with dark chocolate pieces.  The contrast from the slight hardness of the coating as you make you way into the wonderfully soft center is absolutely perfect.  The rich chocolate center is perfectly smooth and simply melts into a rich pool of chocolate goodness that floats across your palate.  The flavor is absolutely perfect with just a subtle hint of sweetness that allows the cocoa flavor to really come through nicely.

The Brazilian coffee and chocolate was the perfect combination of slight woodsy bitterness from the coffee that was rounded out by the sweetness of the chocolate.  The milk chocolate was rich and creamy covered with sweet little milk chocolate nibs.  The two nut varieties were equally as delicious as the rest with crunchy outer shells enrobing the rich chocolate within – not to mention almonds and pistachios pair perfectly with chocolate adding their subtle flavors to the chocolate centers.  The coconut cream was a lovely light chocolate that was perfectly mild and the coconut crusted shell made for a nice, slightly crunchy texture.

tinyB brigadeiros are handmade in San Francisco and have additional flavors that are available on request for special orders (I have my eye on a certain passion fruit flavor that they offer).  You can learn more about tinyB on their website where you can place an order directly.  These are truly not to be missed.

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