12 September 2013


 September 12, 2013

I think it goes without saying that those of you that follow me regularly know that I have a major sweet tooth.  Yet again on one of my recent visits to my local Whole Foods I found the magical refrigerated section that houses an ever increasing selection of ready-to-go gluten-free desserts.  Best of all, there is pretty much always something there for every taste and appetite level.  Since I am watching my waist in preparation for my annual trip to Switzerland – I have been leaning more towards the smaller, more portion controlled options for dessert – not to mention I get a kick out of holding these mini-desserts and running around saying, à la Absolutely Fabulous “Michael giant hands.”  But I digress…

I recently came across Grandma’s Chocolate Cake from Tia’s Bakery.  It is gluten-, GMO-, soy-, casein-, and dairy-free – it is also sweetened with agave (which I did not immediately notice) of which I am typically not a fan.  The cake itself looks adorable and would be ideal for a child’s tea party but I only have cats and dressing them up for a tea party would be weird – cute, but weird nonetheless.

So one night, I had a hankering for dessert and cracked-open the chocolate cake.  First off, its size is deceiving.  Yes, it is literally a few bites but it is surprisingly filling – in a good way – not in a heavy as a brick way.  The cake itself is quite light and airy but the best part is it was wonderfully moist.  The cake itself is perfectly sweet and not at all overpowering.  You can really enjoy the richness of the cocoa that played perfectly against the nuttiness that a bit of coconut provides (it also adds a nice bit of texture to the cake).

Sadly, the cake was gone in a few forkfuls but I didn’t feel as though I had binged nor did I feel the onset of the usual sugar coma that sometimes ensues.  Now this is still a gluten-free dessert and we know that means lots of carbs and calories – and this cake is actually two servings (if you can eat it in two sittings you are a better person than me).  Even at 440 calories for the entire cake it is still a nice option because you eat it and you are done – and yes, it did take all my strength not to buy two of them.

You can learn more about Tia’s Bakery on their Web site where you can also find a retailer near you that carries them.

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