27 September 2013


 September 27, 2013

Continuing with my Food Fete finds – yes, these events typically yield a plethora of new gluten-free finds but I believe the previous Food Fete was the largest to-date – so I have a particularly large cache of products to share with you.

Years ago I remember something similar hitting the market with the same name but apparently there is no connection – and quite frankly that is not a bad thing.  The previous iteration that I refer to, while novel in concept, had a weird taste and inconsistent texture to it.  Not so with these Halfpops.

I was actually a bit reluctant to try these because the older version had left a snack scar in my mind but I’ll try anything – twice.  So after learning these are in no way related to what I had in mind, I gave them a go.  Now, I can go into great detail about the unique slightly soft slightly hard texture – or the rich buttery taste on the original and perfectly balanced cheesy zing in the white cheddar variety – but I feel that wouldn’t do these justice.  Nor would you get any closer to know what these are like.  So let’s make this easy.

You know when you are at the movie theater and you are (depending on your appetite) three-quarters of the way through the movie with a big old bucket of buttered popcorn sitting in your lap?  You reach in only to find some un-popped kernels and a few somewhat popped kernels that appear to be half-popped.  Well, bingo, there you go.  We’ve all crunched away on some of those half-popped kernels.  These Half Pops however will not ruin your expensive dental work.  Yes, they are half-popped but they are also extremely edible and more popped than not.

You can learn more about Halfpops on their web site and find out where your can pick some up in your area.  You can even vote on what flavor should be next in their line up.

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