Now that my new site and blog are running without issue we are moving out of beta and stepping into full-scaled launch.  There will always be tweaks and enhancements to make but I am now comfortable with the foundation my great designers and programmers have developed.  That coupled with also getting a handle on working on a new platform is helping to add to my comfort level — so it is now full speed ahead.

I had been holding back on adding new content until moving out of the beta phase.  So, get ready for and explosion of new reviews and giveaways to come at you fast and furious.

Monday I am launching a fantastic giveaway from a new allergy friendly company out there (and this giveaway is national).  I also have a second giveaway from one of America’s major companies that just happens to have a wide-range of gluten-free products — many of which you should be able to pick up at your local supermarket.  Finally, tis the season — and with the holidays fast upon us I am planning on very special holiday giveaway of my very own to help spread gluten-free cheer.

I have a cache of new product and restaurant reviews in the queue that are sure to blow your gluten-free socks off and they will be coming at you on a regular basis now that the new GFM is up and running.  Fasten those seatbelts because a whole new level of gluten-free fabulous just launched.

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