The other evening saw me entertaining once again. It has been a busy summer socially but I do like having friends and family over and engaging in great food, drink, and conversation. I normally have both gluten and gluten free options available for guests but this time I figured why not just go completely gluten free? And did I ever. There were wonderful cheese presentations, dips and spreads, wonderfully piquant olives stuffed with jalapenos and garlic, but perhaps the piece de resistance was a magnificent gluten free Stromboli from a bakery located on Staten Island (which another gf-blogger turned me onto and friends of mine picked up for me and delivered to my office).

Dinner was pulled pork cooked for 8 hours and then sauced with my favorite North Carolina BBQ sauce that I buy by the case when down there. It was paired with a wild rice medley and a cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, grape tomatoes, scallion stir fry. Dessert was a homemade gluten free brownie with creamy vanilla ice cream topping it off.

Sometimes the most delicious and satisfying meals are the most simple. When I entertain I don’t like to be away from my guests so when not catered, simplicity is key. Remember, your guests came to see you so don’t spend the evening slaving away in the kitchen.

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