After the success and positive feedback received since my visit to the Four Seasons, I am happy to announce that the second locale has been chosen.  Where will my love of eating gluten free in the most iconic New York City restaurants take me this time?  Well, you will just have to wait to find out.  But fear not – it will not be a long wait.  GFM has his sights set on Labor Day Weekend to see if he can go gluten free at a restaurant that does not cater specifically to Celiacs.  This restaurant will in fact be a first for GFM and I love a challenge.  I promise not to disappoint as we take a glimpse, yet again, into one of the places that makes New York City a foodie’s paradise.  As always, I will be evaluating the establishment on a variety of criteria to measure how it fairs in the allergy (gluten and shellfish) department.

So do stay tuned for updates and I hope you will join me on my journey.  Oh, and in November I am taking the series on the road and going international to some very exciting destinations for some gluten free dining on a global scale.

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