14 June 2013


 June 14, 2013

ICDS 2013Ever wonder things like, Why do we need a cure when we can just eat gluten-free?  How about Whether there is a genetic marker for non-celiac gluten sensitivity?  Or maybe Do coffee, corn, or other grains cause cross-reactivity?  Ever wish you could have a panel of leading experts from around the globe answer your question?  Well, you now have that very chance.

The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center will play host to the International Celiac Disease Symposium (ICDS) the fall and you can be part of the symposium.

One of the sessions at the conference will be Debunking Myths–And Plenty of Them and the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center asked me to ask you for what myths you’d like to see included in the presentation the most popular of which will be included in the session presentation and debunked by an esteemed panel of Celiac experts.

It doesn’t matter if you are newly diagnosed or a Celiac veteran — now’s your change to have your questions asked and answered by an esteemed panel.  The ICDS only takes place every two years and will likely not be back in the United States for many years.

I am truly honored to have been asked by the Celiac Disease Center to gather your questions — so let’s give them a lot of questions to choose from and if your question is among the most popular it will be included in the session and answered at the ICDS.  To submit a question or a list of questions (don’t be shy) simply shoot me an e-mail by clicking here or on the Contact tab above (if you’d like to keep it private) or leave a comment below (if you’d like to share it with other readers).

Either way, don’t miss out on this rare chance to participate in the ICDS.  The symposium runs September 22-25 so let’s have your questions by the end of July.

3 responses on “Ask the ICDS.

  1. Nora H. says:

    The ones I get most often are that 1) I’ve always had celiac because it’s “genetic” and 2) I’ll outgrow celiac. Kind of contradictory…

  2. Monique C. M. says:

    Myth: Celiac disease only affects the digestive system; Myth: Symptoms of celiac disease are only digestive.

  3. Christine B. says:

    Can you address topics relating Celiac to other biological functions/conditions such as the blood-brain barrier? Ways to naturally reduce zonulin? Ways to increase intestinal integrity and reduce intestinal permeability? Relationship to myopathies? And the significance of co-morbid positive Antinuclear Antibodies? Thank you.

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