The other evening my other half and I went out to dinner with some dear friends of ours.  No, nothing surprising about that but what was different was the fact that they went out of their way to provide a safe, gluten free evening for me.  Now, that they did this was not surprising – they are great people and would do anything to make someone feel welcome.  I just found it interesting that two people who are not Celiac took the time to better understand what I could and could not eat.  They even did a dry run to the restaurant we would be eating at (they are regulars there) and questioned the chef to ensure that I would be well fed without having to worry about my gluten and shellfish allergies.  Oh, and you might have seen my Tweets about the cocktails and nibbles we had before heading out – my one friend heard me mention a bakery near them that I heard had gluten free Stromboli.  Well, when I arrived for cocktails they had TWO of them heating in the oven and a selection of gluten free crackers that were segregated from the gluten options by a small napkin wall.  Yes, I probably at almost an entire meat-filled roll myself but what was interesting is that even my friends enjoyed it and said it was very close to the real thing.  Well, to me it WAS the real thing and out of this world!

It is times like these that make being a Celiac easy but it also goes to show you that people do care and a little bit of education about the disease can have a great impact in helping non-Celiacs to better understand us.  So to my dear friends, you have no idea how special you made me feel.  We all had a wonderful evening, the company was second to none, and I was overly full at the end of the evening, so success on all fronts.

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