This blog post is going to a very, very dark place.  A place that is as dark as night.  A place that I have not been pulled into since being diagnosed with Celiac disease.  That’s right, I am talking about licorice or as I like to call it black confectioners gold.  What did you think I was talking about?  Minds out of the gutter people :-).

I am a huge licorice fanatic.  I absolutely love the dark spiciness in all of its forms.  Give me ropes, nibs, vines…you name it and I will eat it.  Probably one of the largest blows that hit me when first being diagnosed many years ago was that licorice would be a no-go.  Sure I found other confectionaries that would help satiate my sweet tooth but no matter how hard I tried I could not rid myself of my desire for licorice.

A few months ago I received a sample of treats from my friends at Health Flavors which included some licorice products – which I loved.  Soon thereafter, they sent me a sampling of every conceivable type of organic black licorice from Dutch company Candy Tree.  There were laces, vines, bites, and lariats (thick rope) and they were all absolutely delicious.  This licorice is the real deal and is certified organic which is a nice added bonus.  It has just six simple ingredients: organic corn syrup, organic rice flour, organic rice starch, and gets it rich flavor from licorice extract and anise seed oil.

What’s nice about Candy Tree’s black licorice (aside from being organic) is that the rich licorice flavor is not overpowered by sugary sweetness but rather has a mild sweetness to it that helps balance the wonderfully spicy bite.  I know most people either love or hate black licorice so if you are of the former mindset, please do give this a try.  You can order it right on and have it shipped right to your front door.

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