19 January 2015


 January 19, 2015

It is no surprise that I have a tremendous sweet tooth so when Swoffle reached out to me to try their gluten-free stroopwafel I said yes without hesitation.  Now I think that the company was surprised that I actually knew what a stroopwafel was and I was over the moon because I have not had one since my pre-celiac diagnosis days when I lived in Europe as a teen.

Okay, so what is a stroopwafel you ask?  Well “stroop” is syrup – a nod to the decadent caramel syrup that is perfectly sandwiched between two thin waffles or “wafels”.  The waffles are very thin and almost cookie-like but a real stroopwafel waffle is actually made of thick dough that is traditionally rolled into a ball and placed in a waffle iron where it is pressed into a wonderfully flaky round circle of sweet perfection.

I think it goes without saying that I was excited when the package of Swoffles arrived in the mail.  Yet at the same time was a bit apprehensive because as we know – sometimes the gluten-free versions of things that we truly loved before our diagnosis are less than what we remembered and don’t really translate well.  Thankfully Swoffle has absolutely perfectly nailed-it and created a gluten-free version that is 100% reminiscent of the stroopwafels I would pick-up on the street in the Netherlands.

What’s so great a about a stroopwafel is that it is versatile.  You can eat them straight out of the package enjoying them at room temperature.  You can also give them a quick heat in the oven or microwave for a more gooey experience – or you can go completely over the top and place one atop your morning coffee (it is big enough to sit on top of the rim) or even better hot chocolate for a truly amazing taste sensation as the heat from your beverage softens the waffles and slowly begins to melt the caramel. One bite after trying this you will definitely be hooked.



These treats are not to be missed and you can learn more about them on their website where you can also order some Swoffles of your very own.

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