8 June 2012


 June 8, 2012

A couple of weekends ago I found myself near Poughkeepsie, New York and thought it would be the perfect time to head over to Soul Dog – a restaurant I had heard quite a bit about and was very eager to try. So, on a sunny Saturday afternoon my other half and I headed down Main Street in Poughkeepsie, only to have the parking Gods smile upon us with a space smack dab in front of the restaurant.

You really cannot miss the place with is signage and bright teal exterior – think weathered copper. When we walked in we noticed how busy the place was which is always a good sign. It would also continue to remain so during our visit with the line to reach the counter often six or seven deep. The first thing you notice is the laid back feel of the place. You immediately feel relaxed upon entering. We made our way to the counter and perused through the rather extensive menu of gluten-free options. It was actually nice to be spoiled for choice with the number of options that a celiac could safely order. The entire time my gaze kept drawing to the wonderful display of fresh baked goods lining the counter – more on that later.

I opted for a BLT and fries and my other half had a burger and fries. I decided to wash mine down with a Redbridge beer (one of my new favorite gluten-free brews). We found a table and our drinks were brought over by one of the very nice and helpful counter people. While we started on our beverages I could not get over the constant stream of people that kept pouring into the place – but I would soon see why.

Our lunch items arrived pretty fast given the amount of people there and we soon tucked into our sandwiches. My BLT was delicious and what really made it was Soul Dog’s bread. It was really very good – light and airy but really the perfect sandwich bread consistency. The sweet potato fries that accompanied it were over the top. Freshly made and seasoned with a spicy garlic coating that really took them to the next level. My other half’s burger was equally as good and also served on their fresh gluten-free bread.

We had an appointment to make so I decided to take-out some of their baked goods to sample later. I pretty much cleared out the display and I am so very glad I did. I decided on a sampling of their rather large cake balls (something I had not seen in gluten-free form since my visit to North Carolina), three of their frosted cupcakes, and my other half indulged in a hamantaschen-like jam-centered bit of pastry. I sampled the spoils of my dessert purchase for a few days after my visit. All of the baked goods keps very well and remained soft and moist.

The cake balls were a mix of dark and light cake bases and I believe their was a carrot in there somewhere but where these shine is the fun (and delicious) coatings of icings and “toppings” – everything from nuts to candy bits and everything in between.


The fabulous cake balls

The cupcakes were equally as delicious and I tried the carrot with cream cheese icing, chocolate with a violet colored icing, and vanilla with plain icing. All were moist with a great texture and the homemade icing was perfectly sweet without being overpowering.


Two of the three cupcakes

I am definitely going to head back to Soul Dog when I am back in the area to try some of their hot dog creations that they are known for. Their toppings list is a great mix of traditional to exotic and I have a couple of combinations I would really like to try out.

So, if you are ever in the Poughkeepsie or Hudson Valley areas, stop-in at Soul Dog – you will not be disappointed. In the meantime, why not check out their Web site for a peak at their menu and you can even purchase their bread online.

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