Well, my favorite gourmet grocery delivered a surprise yet again.  I was looking for something to pair with dips and cheese and stumbled across these cakse from Sophia Foods.  Now let’s face it, rice cakes are rice cakes and rather akin to Styrofoam on a good day.  Yet, these were surprisingly good on their own with the hint of sesame and a bit of salt.  Now I am not condoning eating them on their own (though I just did) but the unique square shape of these make for a strong presentation when entertaining.

The cakes are robust and hold up well when used as a base for your favorite cheese, spread, or dip – so you can prepare them before your guests arrive and not worry about serving soggy cakes.  I found them to go wonderfully with a ripe piece of brie spread atop a cake with a touch of red currant jam.  The sweet and savory tastes work so very well.  A nice hummus also works well with these cakes.  Perhaps my favorite recipe comes from the package itself, and I must admit I was hesitant at first to try.  They recommended trying a fresh slice of tomato with a bit of basil and a small dribble of olive oil.  A few pieces of cheese to top it off and it is into the oven for a quick melt.  The result, a GF rice bruschetta that was actually very good.

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