I was in a meeting with a colleague (and good friend of mine) the other day and in our discussion we realized that we had not been out socially in a long while.  I am fortunate enough to genuinely like the people I work with so social calls are not unheard of outside of the office.  When this particular colleague and I realized how long it had been, we agreed to get on each other’s calendars for a dinner in the near (well, November – hey, we are both busy people J) future.

Well, I cannot tell you how refreshing it was to see on the calendar invite the locale selected completely by my colleague was a new (to me) gluten-friendly Italian restaurant here in Manhattan.  I just found it sweet that without even so much as a question, she decided upon a restaurant that she knew would be safe for me and make for an enjoyable, worry-free, evening.  Not to mention a new and exciting restaurant to review.  It is nice when people understand Celiac and something as simple as choosing a restaurant becomes a much larger gesture. 

So next month I will be dining on gluten free pizza and pasta (and even gluten free desserts) on the Lower East Side of the city and look forward to sharing my experience will all of you.

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