There are times when I sometimes wish I could eat anything I want and then there are times that I am proud to be a card carrying Celiac with a shellfish allergy – this is one of those proud moments.  My partner is a news junkie and just forwarded me this little nugget.  Go ahead, take a quick moment to read it — you are not going to believe it. 

Yep, that’s right, a KFC double-breasted chicken “sandwich” without the bun but replacing it with two battered, deep fried, chicken breasts.  Really KFC…are you kidding me? 

I do hate to generalize but America is known as the great fast food nation and while pockets of healthy eating do exist the vast majority is looking for quick and cheap options to satisfy their hunger.  Now I am not going to turn this into a sermon on eating healthy because that is not really what it is about.  Last time I checked people were able to make their own decision as to how they live their lives and what they choose to consume.  We make our own decisions and therefore must accept the consequences that go with them.

But really KFC?  What brainchild thought to remove the bun (though a good start for us Celiacs) and decided to replace it with not one, but two deep fried battered chicken breasts, slather on some sauce, oh, and don’t forget the bacon.  In full disclosure, I was never really a fan of fast food, even when I was eating gluten.  Did I eat it, sure.  Did I enjoy it?  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t when I did indulge.  But that’s the thing; it was more of a treat than a normal staple.  I don’t even want to think of the abuse I put my body through in college because let’s face it; students are not the most healthy of eaters.

Anyway, I had to smile when I saw this article because it made me realize the shift in thinking that comes along with being Celiac.  We still have our gluten free products and version of favorites that do not exactly fall into the light category but at least I am not subjecting myself to hormone-filled, food-additive pumped, crazy concoctions such as utilizing two chicken breast as a bread substitute.

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