13 March 2016


 March 13, 2016
nack Factory Pretzel Crisps

It is no secret that I am a huge snack aficionado and hands-down my favorite is easily pretzels.  I love twists, sticks, rounds, and now, thanks to Snack Factory – crisps.  I have to say that I was not really sure what to expect when Snack Factory reached out to me asking if I wanted to try some of their products.  I actually didn’t realize or make the initial connection that these were the gluten-free version of the crisps I so often see in markets around the City.

I received the Original Deli Style, Salted Caramel Minis, and Original Minis.  Of course the first one that I was immediately drawn to was the salted caramel.  The promise of salty and sweet was too much for me to wait to try.  It was either going to be the best thing I ever tasted or a horrible imbalanced flavor disaster.  I am happy to report that these were absolutely the perfect balance of sweet rich caramel that was elevated by a subtle saltiness that help take the flavor profile of these to the next level.  While these are fantastic on their own, I actually found myself crushing a handful and sprinkling over some chocolate ice cream.  It not only adds a bit of crunchy texture but the saltiness really brings out the chocolate flavor.

The Original Deli Style are large robust crisps that are perfect for dipping or topping.  I have always loved pretzels and mustard.  It harks back to my pre-celiac diagnosis days as a child when I would visit a street cart in the City for a hot pretzel with the obligatory squeeze of old-school yellow mustard.  There was just something about the warm pretzel being flavored over the charcoals of the cart that made mustard the must-have while indulging.  Snack Factory’s Deli Style crisps made for perfect dipping with my favorite spicy brown mustard from Sir Kensington’s.  The slight sweetness of the mustard pairs absolutely perfectly with the perfect pretzel taste of the crisps.  The minis were equally as good and perfect to nosh on by the handful.

You can learn more about Snack Factory’s gluten-free line on their website.  They also make chocolate covered and vanilla yogurt options that I am definitely looking forward to trying.  Here’s hoping that they eventually make a gluten-free version of their regular Everything variety.  Also, in complete transparency, Snack Factory does manufacture their gluten-free line on shared equipment but conducts a rigorous cleaning process to ensure that the gluten-free varieties meet gluten-free certification standards.

Snack Factory Pretzel Thins

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