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EL: Calbee Whole Cuts

It is no secret that I love savory snacks. Chips, puffs, crackers — yes please. Yet, while there are a host of gluten-free snack options out there very few truly wow me. Enter Whole Cuts from Calbee — a brand I happened upon completely by chance at my local market. They had recently remodeled and created a section dedicated to more healthful options that also has shelves…

EL: Simple Mills Crackers

It is no secret that I am a huge snacker — particularly those of the salty variety. Since my celiac diagnosis, now more that twenty years ago, one nostalgic snack has remained elusive in gluten-free form — the infamous Cheez-It. There was always something about those little bright orange squares of goodness that drew me to them and I truly missed them post-diagnosis.