23 May 2020


 May 23, 2020

It has been a while since my last post as things had been quite busy with work and family.  Then the COVID-19 pandemic started and New York City fast became the epicenter.  To say it has been a difficult time would be an understatement.  None of us saw this coming and now we are trying to move towards a new normal.  Having been in quarantine for more than ten weeks now I have found it therapeutic to focus on memories of happier times — taking virtual journeys through travels past.  I have of course had to cancel all planned travels for the near future but have a cache of reviews that I am working on getting up soon.

On Facebook I have been posting a photo-a-day of places that bring be joy and it got me thinking.  One of my favorite pastimes, as you well know, was eating out and food has always been a source of comfort for me an my family.  Some of my happiest times were spent in the kitchen with my mother or around the table with family and friends.  I have not eaten out or had delivery since all of this started as my comfort-level is just not there yet — though perhaps that will change in the near future.  So I though that I would re-live some of my favorite gluten-free meals over the years.  Since they are tied to specific memories it is nice to be able to experience them again and have a bit of normalcy during a time that is anything but normal.  I will be starting a new series of posts entitled Quarantine Eats: The Best Things I’ve Ever Eaten.

We will get through this and find a new normal.  Until then, please keep strong, stay healthy and be well.

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