30 July 2014


 July 30, 2014

When I was first diagnosed with celiac disease going on 16 years now, one of the biggest blows to my food repertoire was pizza.  You have to remember that this was before the explosion of gluten-free items to the market so choices were few and far between (and quite frankly many options tasted just plain awful – oh, how far we have come).

While I am typically always on the go and looking for quick options, pizza is one of those items that I actually do make from scratch or pseudo-scratch (prepared crust) from time to time.  I mean it is not exactly rocket science but does take a bit of time – particularly when making my own crust.  So, when time is not on my side I am always looking for quick heat and eat options.

A recent market visit yielded two new (to me) products.  Three Bakers Classic Cheese Pizza and Glutenfreeda’s Italian Sausage Pizza Wrap.

Three Bakers pizza was actually quite surprising.  It had a nice whole grain crust that was thin and cooked up perfectly crisp.  The sauce was quite mild in flavor with hints of herbs like rosemary, sage, oregano, and basil which played well against each other without being overpowering or over-spiced.  The pizza is relatively small and 1/3 of the pie packs 250 calories and 35 grams of carbs – so if you indulge in the entire pie you are looking at 750 calories – alas that is just the cost of indulging in a gluten-free pizza.  I do have to say that this pizza definitely did not leave you feeling like you just ate a brick that just sits in your stomach as is often the case with many gluten-free pizzas.

Glutenfreeda’s Italian Sausage Pizza Wrap definitely took me out of my comfort zone.  I spied the package towards the bottom of a gluten-free freezer at my local market and thought why not give it a go.  I have long been a fan of Glutenfreeda’s breakfast line (full review of those coming soon) but I had not yet tried any of their heat and eat frozen options.  I am all about fast and easy – particularly when it comes to the weekend.

I baked the wrap in the oven and it actually came out nicely crisp on the outside (though it did stick a bit despite using a nonstick pan and spray).  I was a bit leery about how it would taste because thinking back to my pre-diagnosis days (namely my college days) indulging in the occasional pizza rolls that just tasted artificial but were fast and easy to throw in the microwave for midnight fuel while studying.  Glutenfreeda’s roll was far more sophisticated with a nice corn, rice, and potato flour blend tortilla that was crisp but still tender on the inside.  I also really liked the addition of rice to the filling base which gave these rolls a unique texture but also made them a bit heartier.  There was just the right amount of sauce (read the roll did not explode while cooking or when cut) and these was a nice amount of cheese that actually complimented the other ingredients without turning it into a oozing mess.  The sauce had a hint of spice and the sausage crumbles were actually not bad – and best of all the roll was not overly salty.

Would I eat these with any regularity?  No.  But they are decent options if you are just looking for a quick heat and eat meal.

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