Every now and then I wax nostalgic for a chocolate chip cookie.  Yes, there are quite a few gluten free options out there but most are of the hard variety and I miss the softer varietals.  Pamela’s has an extensive range of gluten free cookie options but my personal favorite is their chunky chocolate chip.  These are large size cookies that have a great texture and a just soft enough to fill the void left by other brands.  Each cookie is chock-full of rich, creamy chocolate chunks so that every bite is a marriage of chocolate goodness and cookie.

When I am feeling particularly hedonistic, I take a small scoop of my favorite ice cream that has softened just a bit and put it between two cookies.  Smoosh it down and wrap in waxed paper then return to the freezer and in a half-hour to an hour once it gets good and frozen you will have a fantastic little treat.

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