17 December 2016


 December 17, 2016
Palace Restaurant New York City Gluten-Free

While there are countless gluten-free options in Manhattan spanning every possible cuisine imaginable, sometimes you just want some good old fashioned comfort foods that hark back to your pre-celiac diagnosis days.  One of those places is a relatively unassuming diner-esque restaurant on 57th Street and it is a palace to all things gluten-free – pun intended. It is a simple duplex storefront that is nothing fancy, but it is all about the food here.

Palace Restaurant is a bastion of gluten-free goodness offering quite possible the most extensive gluten-free menu of any non-exclusively gluten-free establishment.  Palace has what I can best describe as a diner with a twist menu that offers all of the traditional diner classics like grilled cheese, sandwiches, French onion soup, pancakes, waffles and burgers (complete with gluten-free fries prepared in a dedicated fryer) to more substantial entrées inclusive of organic gluten-free pastas.

It has long been my go-to lunch spot for years and has remained consistent over the years and best of all they deliver.  They also pay particular attention to their gluten-free guests and I remember receiving a different bread type for a sandwich order and called to double-check that it was in fact gluten-free.  They manager immediately got on the phone and confirmed that they had found a better gluten-free bread supplier and wanted me to let him know what I thought of it.  Of course, it was absolutely delicious and full-sized rather than the tradition smaller slices I was used to.  It is nice that they not only go the extra mile for their guests with special dietary needs but truly take celiac disease seriously vs. just offering gluten-free for the sake of having gluten-free options.

Some of my favorite items are: their French toast which is an extremely large portion complete with your choice of breakfast meat (I’ve been known to have this and their pancakes for lunch), the burgers are absolutely delicious as well and can be served on gluten-free bread or and English muffin with gluten-free fries that are always perfectly crisp, the house-made pastrami sandwich is also a standout and the portion-size is again quite large and comes with a choice of potato chips or the decadent fries, the triple decker is also a must-try, piled high with fresh roast turkey, lettuce, tomato and bacon.  Perhaps one of my most-ordered items, particularly during the cold winter months is the French onion soup which comes complete with the traditional toast and cheese topping paired with a gluten-free grilled cheese and bacon.


I highly recommend paying Palace a visit to sample their extensive gluten-free menu which will transport you back to your pre-celiac days when you could sit-down in a diner and order whatever caught your eye without worry.  They also have a wide delivery area and you can place an order on Seamless Web to make things even easier.  You can also view their complete gluten-free menu online.

Palace Restaurant
122 East 57th Street (between Park and Lexington)
New York, New York 10022

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