New Products Reviewed: Schaer Meranetti and Cioccolini

I picked these sweet treats up in Geneva, Switzerland at the Urban Bio Market – a great health food store that has an impressive selection of gluten-free items as well.  I immediately noticed the familiar Schär yellow packaging on the shelf so thought I would try some of their products that are not available in the United States.

First up was the Meranetti which are chocolate cupcakes filled with gianduja chocolate cream.  These are individually wrapped (four to a box) which makes for a perfect portion controlled snack – not to mention it keeps each cupcake moist.  What’s nice about these cupcakes is that they are not overly sweet but have a rich cocoa flavor that really comes through.  The filling is also not too sweet with the cocoa flavor perfectly complemented with a subtle hint of hazelnut.

The Cioccolini are small chocolate cookies with a chocolate cream filling hidden inside.  Again, these were not overly sweet with a subtle sweetness that allowed the chocolate notes to really shine.  While these were good, I was expecting the cream centers to be soft and they were in fact hard.  I am not sure if this was the normal filling consistency or if these were just a bit off.  They were perfectly sealed and one year within the consume by date so not sure what was up with them.  They were still good but would have preferred a softer center.

I love traveling around the world and seeing what some familiar companies are doing in local regions.  Hopefully more and more of the international brands with a U.S. presence with continue to expand their product offerings by bringing over some of their popular regional products.

Now if I can just figure out why Schär in the United States is pronounced incorrectly sans umlaut, even by the brand…drives this German-educated Celiac nuts :-).

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