When Heavenly Hummus reached out to me (thanks, Kathleen) and offered to ship their product to me, I knew it must have been divine intervention.  I am self-professed hummus junky and you’ll never attend a cocktail or dinner party at my place without at least one type of hummus (sometimes two or more) being served.  I love hummus with chips, cracker, veggies, in a nice socca – you name it I like it with hummus.

Now there are tons of hummus flavors and manufacturers on the market.  It seems like every time I go to the market the section keeps expanding.  There are quire a few good ones on the market and some interesting flavor combinations that keep popping up.  So I have to admit, I was not sure what to expect when the Heavenly Hummus arrived.

Well people, let me tell you – all hummus is not created equal.  Heavenly Hummus is quite possibly the closest thing to homemade (and yes I have made my own) I have ever come across.  Perhaps it stems from the fact that there are just a few simple, real, natural ingredients.

First up was the Roasted Red Pepper variety.  This was absolutely amazing.  From the moment it first hits your tongue you get the wonderful bite of the garlic paired perfectly with the subtle nuttiness of the chick peas and perfectly rounded out by the sweetness of the roasted red peppers.  Now, I am not going to lie – I did in fact eat an entire container in one sitting.  It was just that good and not at all heavy so I didn’t even realize it until the container was empty.

The next day (though I was tempted to just make a meal of the hummus the previous evening) I cracked open the plain hummus.  Again, absolutely delicious.  The thing that you will notice with both flavors is the fresh garlic.  It actually tastes like it was just crushed and the hummus whipped up to-order.  The plain version was a favorite of mine because so often plain hummus can be overpowered by or affected by tahini being added to the mix.  Not the case here.  With Heavenly Hummus you can enjoy (and indentify) all of the ingredients in every bite you take – try that with some other brands.

These hummus varieties worked will with potato chips, rice crackers, corn chips – well, you get the idea.  Their robust but perfectly balanced flavor works on everything I could find to use as a vessel for getting it into my mouth.  Seriously, you will not be disappointed with this product and if you serve it to your guests they will likely ask you for the recipe.

I highly recommend that you head on over to their Web site and check out their story and product line.  You can see where they are carried in the Metropolitan New York area as they are in select local retailers and Tri-State Whole Foods.

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  1. Marina says:

    I have been a Heavenly Hummus junky, and a Kathleen Tortora fan for 10 years now and I am in complete agreement with this review.

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