The good thing about friends and family knowing you live GF is they tend to always be on the lookout for new products.  Yesterday my partner brought home a new cookie find in two flavors no less.  He saw them while grabbing lunch at a new bistro near his office.

I had personally never seen or even heard of this brand before – ah, everyday is still a GF adventure.  So after dinner I was itching to give both flavors of Nana’s Cookie Bars a try.  These are not only GF but egg-, dairy- and refined sugar-free.  First, the Berry Vanilla variety was truly an unexpected delight.  If you remember (P.C. pre-celiac) the Good Humor strawberry shortcake ice cream bars – these taste very similar complete with little crunch bit that provide the berry tang,  The bars are relatively light and airy versus being too dense.  They are also only 130 calories per 1 bar serving (both flavors).

The Chocolate Munch flavor was not an overpowering chocolate favor but paired nicely with the crunchy bits that gave them an added dimension.  I think I might try breaking a chocolate bar up and putting over some plain vanilla ice cream next time.  These are the perfect no-so-guilty sweet pleasure and have become a regular staple to my evening dessert repertoire.

Nana’s offers a wide-range of GF offerings so be sure to check out their Web site.

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