22 August 2011


 August 22, 2011

I received a Waffle and Pancake mix and Taco Pasta meal from Namaste Foods.  These were both new to me so I was happy to give them a try.

First up was the Waffle and Pancake mix.  I love to have a full breakfast on the weekend but don’t want to typically invest too much time in making it.  Anything that tastes great and saves me time is always welcome in my book – and this met the bill on both.  All I had to do was add three simple ingredients: egg, oil, and milk – and I was good to go.  These cooked up perfectly fluffy and had a wonderful light and airy texture.  They also had muted vanilla notes that helped to round out the flavor of these pancakes.

I am not normally a fan of pre-made meal mixes but the Namaste Taco Pasta meal had just a few simple ingredients paired with brown rice and hemp seed pasta so I thought I would give it ago.  Again, preparation could not be easier.  Just a couple of ingredients and you have a tasty side dish or main course depending on what you toss-in.  Namaste actually has quite a few recipe options on their Web site (and suggestions on the package) to make this more of a meal.  I just had it as a side and it was really very good.  The first thing you’ll notice in the flavor department is that it is not too salty which is often a problem with pre-packaged mixes.  The spice-level was spot-on for my personal preference but the real stand out was the hemp seed/brown rice pasta.  It had a great texture and the flavor was more complex with a nuttier flavor than traditional brown rice pasta.

Be sure to check out Namaste Foods Web site to learn more about the company and view their complete product portfolio.

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