13 May 2017


 May 13, 2017
Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant Gluten-Free

I had planned a visit to Mount Vernon which I had never been to before and when looking for places to eat beforehand, landed on the Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant which is at the entrance to Mount Vernon.  The Inn itself is quite nice and rather expansive with dining rooms spread out across the building.  I chose the restaurant because they clearly denote gluten-free items on their menu so thought it would make for an easy stop before beginning our tour.  Previous reviews of the restaurant seemed decent enough so I thought I would give it a go.

Since our visit was around the holidays, the entire complex was extremely busy and because we were not sure what timed tour we would be taking until we purchased our tickets we had to play lunch a bit by ear.  While the restaurant was extremely busy we were able to get on the waiting list and were given a table in time to still make our tour.

We were seated in one of the larger dining rooms with a lovely Christmas tree providing holiday ambience.  Our server was very pleasant but was a bit too overzealous and perhaps was a frustrated or aspiring actor because she would go off on tangents thinking she was providing stellar service but it was really just an intrusion on our dining experience making it take far longer than it should have.

Now on to the “gluten-free” menu.  As I mentioned, I thought that because items were clearly marked that the gluten-free options would be notable – unfortunately I was wrong.  The gluten-free listed sandwiches did not come with any gluten-free bread option nor were the fries or potato chips from a dedicated fryer so those were out.  I ended-up having the pulled pork “sandwich” which was a small pile of poorly seasoned, rather bland meat that was extremely lackluster and disappointing served with a tasteless side of fruit and a ramekin of coleslaw.


Perhaps lunch is just not the restaurant’s strong point as the other non-gluten-free meals ordered at our table were just okay and nothing particularly special.  On the other hand, Mount Vernon itself was truly stunning and most definitely worth a visit – just eat somewhere else before or after your tour.

George Washington’s Mount Vernon
3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Highway,
Mount Vernon, VA 22121
Restaurant Phone: 703.799.6800

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  1. Thanks for the review. My son and I have a non-celiac gluten sensitivity. We’ll be in the greater Washington DC area soon and would like to tour. Glad to know to dine elsewhere before heading to Mount Vernon.

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