2 April 2012


 April 2, 2012

My friends at Moni’s Natural sent me some of their products to review and I could not have been happier.  Those of you from Texas might recognize the name because Moni’s is served at a host of restaurants down in the Lone Star State.  After tasting these products it is no surprise why Moni’s has been a successful family business for decades.  For those of us outside of Texas we need not worry because Moni’s is distributed across the nation and even has on online store to have their products shipped directly to your door.  Being Italian buying jar sauce has long been a no-no and I can hear my mother saying Just make your own – it is so easy.  Well, easy as it might be, let’s face it, most of us are leading hectic lives and whipping up a batch of sauce is not always an option.  I can honestly say that while there are some good sauces out there very few that are exceptional – many claim to taste like Mom’s but I have found few actually deliver.

I sampled Moni’s famous Tomato sauces: Original and Spicy Garlic Marinara (Arrabiata) and their Famous House Vinaigrette.  First up was the Original Marinara which I used as a base for a batch of gluten-free pizza I was making.  Of course I had to sample a small spoonful from the jar before using and let me tell you, this sauce is in a class of its own.  The first thing you notice is that it tastes fresh.  Yes, honest to goodness fresh – which likely stems from Moni’s using all natural ingredients with their ingredient labels reading more like a recipe card than product label.  The Original sauce is the perfect balance of tangy fresh tomatoes with the perfect blend of spices.  The flavor is enhanced by extra virgin olive which helps take the acidic bite out of the tomatoes.

Next up was the Spicy Garlic Marinara.  This was equally as delicious as the Original variety with an added hint of spicy heat.  The rich garlic flavor really came through in this sauce and while this was a spicy blend, it was not overly spicy.  I decided to bake a couple of chicken breasts in this sauce and then topped them with a bit of sliced fresh mozzarella and grated Pecorino Romano cheese for an impromptu baked chicken parmesan.  I used some of the remaining sauce cooked with the chicken to mix with some gluten-free pasta which made for the perfect side dish.

What goes best with great chicken and pasta – why a fresh green salad of course.  Moni’s has you covered in the dressing department as well.  Their Famous House Vinaigrette is an amazing blend of red wine vinegar, tomatoes, oil, and spices.  It is truly a unique flavor combination and I can clearly see why it is indeed famous.

I highly recommend giving Moni’s product a try and I know you will not be disappointed.  Check out their Web site to learn more about the company and view their complete product portfolio.  You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.

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