Another Geneva, Switzerland find that I brought back with me were these delectable milk chocolate fingers or Bâtonnets Chocolat au Lait (sounds more appealing in French).  Now first off, Céliane is an actual person who was born with a gluten intolerance who, according to the product back story, wanted to create a range of delicious products to share with the public.

This was my first time trying this brand but this product did standout.  The chocolate fingers were extremely reminiscent of an old beloved British variety that I had the pleasure to enjoy before my Celiac diagnosis.  Well, I no longer need to rely on delicious memories because Céliane has created  gluten-free chocolate finger that rivals the best of them.  The biscuit itself is exactly what you would expect – wonderfully crunchy with a subtle sweetness with just a slight tinge of saltiness.  Pair this with the creamy milk chocolate that enrobes each finger, and well, you have chocolate finger perfection.

Les Recettes de Céliane has a good range of products that I look forward to sampling next time I come across them.  You can learn more about the company and their products on their Web site which is available in English and French.

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