14 December 2017


 December 14, 2017
Le Fiacre Restaurant Review Châtel France gluten-free

Picture it, Sicily 1959 — plus one for anyone who gets the reference. Seriously though, picture a rainy September afternoon in a small town in the French Alps and you are wondering what you and some friends are going to do for lunch. Well one pops-over to the absolutely charming town of Châtel of course. Not really having a plan we decided to just walk around and, given the rain, quickly find somewhere to eat.

Thankfully we stumbled upon Le Fiacre. A cute chalet-style restaurant with several dining rooms and a nice-sized bar area. It was relatively empty and we actually were given a dining room all to ourselves that had a view through a large window of the show kitchen. The menu was actually quite surprising and offered modern takes on classic dishes using local ingredients. I would describe it as comfortable gourmet since there is a great attention to detail without being fussy.

I had not yet had Raclette during this trip so decided to share the Raclette for two with a friend. It did not disappoint. A large wedge of local Abondance cheese arrived at the table as did the Raclette heater (which was quite the piece of equipment) to heat the cheese into the perfect gooey consistency so you can scrape it off onto the accompanying boiled potatoes. This was also served with an assortment of local dried beef, hams and sausage which really made this quite the hearty lunch.

I absolutely adore Raclette and this was definitely one of the best I have had in the region. Paired with a local Pinot Noir it made for the perfect meal on a rainy day. My husband opted for one of their pizzas with ham, mushrooms and herbs (all local but alas the pizza is not gluten-free) and remarked that it was one of the best that he had ever had.



I love it when I stumble upon unexpected restaurants that truly provide and outstanding experiences — great food and wonderful service. Le Fiacre is most definitely one of those restaurants. If you find yourself in the local area — be sure to pay them a visit. You will not be disappointed.

Le Fiacre
32, Route du Centre
74390 Châtel .
Phone: +33 4 50 73 30 46

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