Ever the snack food aficionado, I came across these Late July Organic’s Dude Ranch Tortilla chips at my local Whole Foods.  This was a new brand for me so I though why not give it ago after seeing that they were in fact gluten-free.

The first thing you notice about these is that they are not your typical corn chips but multigrain including corn, brown rice, flax, amaranth, quinoa and chia seeds – definitely an interesting mix.  The chips themselves have a heart consistency with a solid crunch and isn’t that was snack food junkies are always looking for?  The flavor is really unique because it is actually quite complex with acidic notes playing perfectly against subtle notes of sweetness.  You get wonderfully tart and tangy notes from the sour cream and cheese that are elevated by the subtle acidic kick of tomato paired with a hint of spice from onion and garlic powder.

Aside from the taste, I love these chips because they are: organic; non-GMO; whole grain; high in Omega 3s; and free from artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors.  Hey, if you are going to snack you might was well do it well.  The other thing that really makes Late July stand out is that they donate 10% of all profits to summer camp scholarships.

So let’s recap shall we?  Great tasting – check.  Great ingredients – check.  Great cause – check.  Trust me, you simply cannot go wrong with these.  I cannot wait to pick-up and try come of their other varieties.

You can check out Late July’s complete product line on their Web site where you can also find a store new you who carries them.

2 responses on “Late July Organic Multigrain Tortilla Chips

  1. Elizabeth says:

    First of all these are good chips. It was the packaging that caught my eye. It is nice to look at and pleasant, if you can say that about the package. I am not much for eating chips, but these have now become my favorite. The only ones I have found so far are Sea Salt by the Seashore and the Lime. I have purchased 10 bags so far.

    I hope you keep these in the stores. I have only found them at Costco and Raleys, just recently at Safeway. Thank you. Elizabeth

  2. Alex says:

    I’ve never seen these at my Costco. All they have is the Kirkland-brand Que Pasa chips, which are also organic and gluten-free. Not sure about vegan, though. In any case, they’re pretty tasty 🙂

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