Laboratoire du Fournil, Le Sarissans Organic Chocolate Fondant

One of the decadent finds on my recent trip to Switzerland was found at an amazing organic market (Urban Bio, 19, Rue des Alpes) that I literally stumbled across while walking around Geneva a day before heading home to the United States.  I typically do a bit of research prior to any trip but as the majority of my trip was in my familiar stomping ground of Montreux, I thought I would wing-it for our final night in Geneva.  I have a few other goodies that I picked-up in Geneva and will be reviewing them soon.  Now on to the chocolate fondant…

This was an amazingly rich and organic tart that was really more like a small round brownie.  It contained just five simple organic ingredients: a buckwheat and rice flour blend; cane sugar, eggs, chocolate, and vegetable oil.  While the ingredients were incredibly simple the cake itself was wonderfully complex.  It had a rich, nutty, chocolate flavor that had only a very subtle sweetness allowing the chocolate to have the spotlight.  It was wonderfully moist but was still dense enough to not be overly fragile – I actually threw this in my carry-on on my way home and it arrived in one piece.

So once again a great gluten-free find popped-up when I wasn’t even looking once again proving that you can get out there and, even without major planning, still navigate successfully as a gluten-free traveler.  If you happen to be in Geneva, definitely stop-by Urban Bio as there gluten-free selection was truly amazing.

Just part of the gluten-free section at Urban Bio.

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