21 October 2017


 October 21, 2017
La Brasserie J5 Gluten-Free Montreux Switzerland

Visiting Montreux every year for more than a decade there are always new surprises but there are also those restaurants that warrant a visit year after year. La Brasserie J5 located under the Hotel Helvetie is one of those restaurants. It is consistent year after year and also clearly denotes items that are gluten-free. The fact that it is also a stone’s throw from the casino makes it an ideal location for kicking-off an evening out.

The menu offers a range of items from meats and fish to pasta and vegetarian items. For this visit I decided to have the mixed salad which was a wonderful mix of fresh, local greens with a light vinaigrette. I was in the mood for pasta and the risotto with chard, lemon confit and ricotta cheese really caught my eye so I decided to give it a go. It did not disappoint and was among the most unique risottos I have ever had. The earthy flavor of the chard was perfectly elevated by the citrus notes of the lemon confit which gave it a hint of acidity that was rounded-out by the creaminess of the ricotta. It was a real standout and something I would most definitely order again.

What I really like about La Brasserie is that the portions are the perfect size and while the risotto as quite filling there was still a little room for dessert (which I had spied when first looking at the menu and was really looking forward to trying). It was the bâtonnets chocolat, praliné et crémeux passion which was essentially two chocolate cookie-like bases that were topped with praline and passion fruit (my all-time favorite fruit). The dessert was absolute perfection with the chocolate base just mildly sweet allowing for the tanginess of the passion fruit to really shine through. This was an absolute home run and made for the perfect end of a lovely meal.



If you find yourself in Montreux, definitely give La Brasserie a try. It has a fun vibe, great food, wine list and cocktails not to mention solid service.

La Brasserie J5
Avenue du Casino 32
1820 Montreux
+41 21 966 77 55

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