Last evening’s entertaining went off without a hitch.  We were just having a dear friend of our over for a belated birthday dinner as he just got back from Newport.  It was a simple evening that consisted of a small selection of cocktail nibbles (crackers, cheeses, and dips).   Gin and tonic, Rum and seltzer, and some fantastic white wine were the beverages of choice.  For starters a guests were offered a choice of gluten free (penne) or regular (rigatoni) in a wonderfully delicious broccoli rabe and sausage sauce topped with freshly grated pecorino Romano cheese (recipe will soon  follow).  For the main course was an organic seasoned turkey breast paired with organic mixed greens with my famous salad dressing (working on getting permission from my other half whose uncle originated the recipe to post on my site, I added my own twist, but don’t want to give away any family secrets, LOL).  For dessert a simple vanilla ice cream was paired with a rich chocolate sauce for just a little bit of additional sweet on sweet goodness.

Now, yes, I normally do not prepare gluten free and gluten dishes for entertaining (it is just a lot of work and quite frankly there are enough gluten free options out the that it is not a problem) but had some pasta from when my parents were visiting that needed to be used.  It really was not a big deal to have two pots boiling away and just remember to stir with separate utensils AND strain the gluten free pasta first.

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