GFM is entertaining again this weekend, though not in Halloween mode.  I was never a huge costume person, which is surprising actually.  I am however, VERY much looking forward to seeing my identical twin nieces (1 year old next month) dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 with their older brother (4) as the Cat in the Hat. 

So what’s new with GFM?  Well, this weekend sees my partner and I entertaining yet again…quelle surprise!  We have actually enjoyed relatively quiet weekends as of late which were most welcome.  Our vacation to Switzerland is now less than three weeks away and I am looking forward to a bit of well-deserved R&R.  My gluten-free behind will be firmly ensconced at the Spa at Le Montreux Palace (one of my all time favorite great hotels) for the duration.  Well that’s not entirely true, I will be leaving for a fabulous once in a lifetime concert and party for one of the greatest sopranos of the 20th century. 

The pace of Montreux is what you make it and as long as you go before or after the famed Jazz Festival, you are treated to a wonderfully sleepy little town on the banks of Lac Leman that is the perfect hub for exploring the region.  I remember skiing just on the other side of the Alps that flank the city as a teenager and hope to revisit some of my old haunts with my partner.  Though every time we are in Montreux we say we are going to make a plethora of side-trips but just get so caught up in Montreux and its environs that we never leave until it is time to board the train back to Geneva.

For this weekend’s festivities, I am trying to plan my menu for the weekend festivities which is proving challenging as I never serve the same thing to recurring guests.  So I am running through, in my mind, everything that our guests have had during previous visits.  The hors d’œuvre portion of the evening always proves easy as I can rotate through my preferred cheese and nibbles portfolio.  The appetizer, main course, sides, and desserts remain elusive at this point.  I know in the end it will all come together so I am just going with the flow at the moment.  So stay tuned for the recipes from whatever I end up serving.

On Monday I am sampling a new gluten-free restaurant downtown for dinner with a dear colleague from the office (who selected it because of my Celiac) so look for a review soon thereafter.  I have already had a peek of their menu and am SO excited to sample what look to be fantastic gluten-free options.  The place has good buzz going on so it should be a great evening.

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