Ah, a long holiday weekend ahead here in the United States.  Time to put away the summer whites (seriously people, away) and get into the fall mind set.  So what will GFM be doing you ask?  Well, being gluten free and fabulous of course.  I figured what better time than this weekend to add the second restaurant to my QNYGF series and I promise it will not disappoint.  It is my first time at this particular locale so it should prove a very interesting challenge.  Remember, I am not only Celiac but also hyper-allergic to shellfish, ALL shellfish.  I am really looking forward to giving this place a go – ah, the lengths I go to for my readers, LOL.

I also have an impressive selection of gluten free treats to eat my way through this weekend (thank goodness for the extra day in there) so lots of new and delicious product reviews are on their way. Oh, and since I am quite frankly a bit of a lush, I am adding a new cocktail category to my Recipes section so you will definitely not want to miss that. 

Hopefully the weather will remain as lovely as it is today and I will be able to enjoy a relaxing weekend of gluten free gluttony.

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