I came across this brand of GF cookies that I had not seen before.  They are Gullón brand cocoa cookies with chocolate chips.  This brand comes from Spain and apparently has some other varieties as well.  The cocoa cookies were quite good.

They have an interesting consistency which is grainier that other brands I have sampled but not in a bad way and likely stems from the corn flour utilized.  What is nice about this particular brand is that the cookies themselves are smaller than some of the more traditional GF brands out there making a portion 7 cookies at only 150 calories.  Now my GF friends out there will know that many GF dessert options, while tasting great, are often high in calories given the GF replacement flours incorporated into the recipes.   I have had GF cookies where a single cookie or so equaled 150 calories.  Yes, the cookies are small but I prefer eating several vs. one or two to extend the sweet enjoyment.

If you come across this brand in your local market, please do give it a try.

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